Monday, 9 May 2011

sinking but not drowning LMAO

Hellooo peeeeeeeeeps

how you doin'

Had a really busy week last week at work and then coming home to sort out all paperwork involved in OH redundancy left me little or no time for anything else, :(

good news is I'm off this week, so will be doing some crafting and spending some Q time with OH.

Does anyone else have crap weeks like these last few have been, apart from OH redundancy, car broke, boiler broke, mended and broke again, oven broke, straighteners broke, sons bed broke beyond repair, oh and OH popped into old work today to get them to sign a form and discovered other two people that were made redundant were back at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  ........... got to keep smiling  :)

anyways here are a few bits I have managed to do, keep meaning to do challenges but run out of time, oopps

played with the beautiful new distress inks and paper artsy fresco paint, and my Wendy vechi stamps, throwing in  some paper artsy and tim holtz stamps for good measure.

also made this card yesterday with my new stampotique mermaid stamp, now do you think non arty people will appreciate this card or will they think it is just plain wierd  LOL

Have a nice week everyone and keep smiling      :)


Deborah said...

You bought a mermaid! You lucky so and so!! :-) You are making some great art in the midst of your adversity. Love it all!

Jayne C said...

Oooh! Poor you...what an AWFUL time! I suppose , in the words of the song, 'Things can only get better'!! Your creativity hasn't suffered I'm glad to say...STUNNING work!! xx

flutterbycrafter said...

I agree with Jayne, stunning, and you know what they say 'don't let the b*****ds grind you down', keep smiling xx

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

:0((( ohhhhh sorry to hear all that, and yes, lots of my weeks are similar lol, well thats what it feels like anyway lol

LOVE your mermaid. And yes, the normal peeps will probably just smile politely and go oooo but its fab. The sea weed effect makes this. Briliant.
Havent forgotten you x. Will definitely catch you early next week.

Minxy said...

Aw and there was me thinking you'd have your pin mannequin on show, mine looks more like a voodoo doll there are so many pins in it lol
Love your tags x enjoy your week off x

fairy thoughts said...

I adore the mermaid card... 'normal' folk will probably think it is weird but hey! who cares its their loss.
thanks for sharing

jeanetteguy said...

Ooh she's fab. Bummer bout OH's work :(

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooooooooooooh I am so in luuuurve with your mermaid card :-) And personally I have given up worrying if people find my art weird haha!! And yes, we all have weeks like this - I am reminded of one of my favourite poems 'not waving but drowning.....' hope things get a little stressful for you.....