Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hope this works . . . .

 Last weekend my OH was working all weekend so after being a good wife cleaning the house from top to bottom and also weeding the garden, I went blogging, and on PaperArtsy there was some feeds of their last Artsy Crafts events, so I decided to try and replicate what they had done, I'm afraid mine went off on a tangent and looks nothing like what was produced at the event, but I had a great time and very messy fingers at the end of it.  Hope to get to another one of these events next year.  Here for all to see is my complete entry for the Octopode challenge, see post below for first attempt,

 And finally a picture of the birthday card my DS received this year.

Now as to the title of the blog have been trying to post on here without success all week, have tried Firefox, clearing cache, checking I hadnt used all my data storage, its has been so frustrating, wish I was techy genius, but Im not, so have tried doing it by loading pics onto new Picass aalbum and then loading from there.  If you can see pictures and text then yee hah it has worked.  If not then Im am very stuck as to what to do next.


Deborah said...

It works! Love your Alice - glad we got to see her at last.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

It works for me too :0)

You've produced some fab work here. Its good that your work ended up nothing like the PA pieces (I haven't seen theirs yet though) as its good to put your own spin on something ay.

Love the birthday card too. Those circles are a great addition.

Marita Soutar said...

As always am loving your work! Jeanette msg me to say they are going to Artsycrafty. Are you going? Not sure if I can afford it though would love to go! Hope you are well.