Saturday, 30 July 2011

Not doing Art is not good for you !!!

I have been so busy recently, that time at my art desk has been miserably short and when I do get there, nothing, nada   :(

However it is only two more weeks then its holiday time and I cannot wait for the break from the stress of every day life, made worse by Blogger being a real bu**er, couldnt comment, couldnt post, couldnt load photos...........aargh I need blogger, its my down time.

Anyways a while ago I got Kate Cranes DVD's and I love them, this is the first (and only) piece I started after being super inspired by them

and after adding an image

this is as far as I have got, and it is now buried under a pile of other stuff, (well it will keep flat if nothing else .  .LOL)

Also I have been making some birthday cards, both my brother and BIL turned 50 last week, as per norm they get variations on the same theme for their cards, I played with my new die, (tims car) bought specifically for cards of the male kind

and one other card for an aunt

a supa quick easy make, think I need to make a stash of these to save time.

OMG it seems to be working, pictures loading OK, cross fingers when I post it works.

Now Artsycraft have posted their new classes and can you believe my new friends from NI, you know who you are, (yes Gillian and Jeanette. . you) booked to come without even asking or telling me, well thanks guys, so am now trying frantically to get some time off work and find the money so I can come and play too. Now my nose is not out of joint at all, and if I manage to get their I shall snub you both .... . LOL.

Anyways time to go OH wants to go out to Morrisons, yes it is an exciting life I lead,happy weekend everyone.  XX


flutterbycrafter said...

Love your journal page, wonderful colours. The cards is pretty darn good too, love the way you've put the shadow/puddles under the cards, gives them a really good look. Hope you manage to get on the Artsycraft weekend. xx

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooh I'm so excited that you got my DVDs and I LOVE the page you made:-) I'm so happy!!
Hope you get some more art time soon - I can feel your frustration .......

Pattie said...

Dont faint i am making the rounds,wondered what you was up too and loveeee your journal pages,you must finish them !I,m really into that at the moment,in the Teesha Moore style,think everyone seems to be journalling at the moment....hope your well,have a lovely holiday ! xxx

Netrix said...

Lovin the work you've been up to!!
Btw, plans have changed- 15th-16th at Warrington! We get there fri 14th Lin & leandra sat and Lynne p on Sunday.
Had left tweets, questioned leandra, pms on f/b and thought you had ran off to USA to stalk tim or sumfin!!
Check the dates Hun and pm me x
MUBT Jeanette

Deborah said...

What you have managed to do is lovely - as ever, Pidd. Hope you had fun at Morrisons :-)

Kaz said...

Love your gorgeous! Thanks for popping by my blog, really lovely of you x