Wednesday, 10 August 2011

September Craft Stamper

The front cover of Craft Stamper grabbed my attention as soon as a I saw it, and I just had to have a go, co-incidentally I had just bought the Paperbag Studio set, so I flicked through to find the right page, and found it was the lovely Jo F-Y whose article it was, really simple instructions nice and clear to follow, I was really pleased with the result which I turned into a card for my new managers birthday, she is a lovely person and I am very fond of her already, so nice to have a manager that cares.

I then had an idea for using it for this weeks Octopode Factory challenge "girls", didnt work out quite like I had imagined, but hey ho, its my zombiefied Alice . . . LOL


Jenni said...

Loving the colours you've used for both of these Siobhan, also love the 'splat' on the card for your manager, how did you do that?
Jenni x

The Octopode Factory said...

This is great, very unusual :-)

Deborah said...

Fantastic variation on the bleachy technique (that caught my eye too). And how good to hear you have a fab manager - I know there's been a lot of work changes chez Pidd lately.

Netrix said...

She looks so cute!
Hey McFly, can you tweet me or f/b me please- need a catch up chic
Jeanette x

JoFY said...

Glad you liked the projects & were inspired - love what you've done!
Take care

Kim Dellow said...

Wonderful! I love how Alice turned out! And fab bit of CASEing of Jo looks wonderful! Kim

fairy thoughts said...

great piece i was taken by the article too. might try it when i get the chance