Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mothers Day cards

here are the two cards I have made this year, I am using  a card design by Helen Chilton in the  February issue of Craft Stamper, page 68, I was blown away by this card and thought the design was stunning and so clever, I'm afraid mine is not so neat and precise as Helen's (I wonder how many she had to make or whether it was a first time, job done), but I have done my best and I'm sure the two mums will appreciate them, well actually my mum saves mine to give back to me, (not sure that's a compliment LOL).
I used some of my Basic Grey paper pads, that I used to buy obsessively, but never used as they are too nice, but are now hidden away in a cupboard and forgotten about, so I have finally managed to comply with this year's Use it Up.



Anyway Happy Mothers Day to you all, hope you get spoilt, I'm hoping for the twilight Breaking Dawn DVD, big hints have been dropped . . LOL, as its my birthday the day before am also hoping for some cash for craft stash, I have my little wish list ready.


Happy Days said...

Beautiful cards - still not done my mother's days cards :0 Think I might have something crafty (a big package arrived from Cowling & Wilcox - so I'm taking a wild guess that the contents are for me and that it's either paints or pens :D

Have a great day, see you next week :D Hope you booked for April??

Claire xxx

fairy thoughts said...

lovely cards, it took me a few minutes to work out the raised flower is in the middel .. doh!
I get craft stamper so must look it up. I must get mine done tomorrow, 2 the same like you, they see each other and will compair them LOL

Angela Weimer said...

These are beautiful. I did the same with my BG paper pads. Too pretty to use. Just starting to force myself to use them now. Great use of them. Have a wonderful day. Angela

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Great way to use up those papers. I've been on a use it up frenzy too.

I used to make my Mum's card as she always appreciated it too. lol at your Mum handing her's back lol

Looking forward to seeing you next week. Only three spaces left for April's Weds, but Sunday is still ok at the mo just in case you fancied either..

Deborah said...

I love Helen C's paper engineering but just reading the instructions does my head in, so well done (and for using the paper - it is only paper. Two lovely cards, which I am sure M and MIL will love.