Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sketch Book

I have found that I have a new interest in learning to use all the different art media that I have come across through my blog hopping, I am seeing if I can learn to draw, just to a basic level would be great; and have found myself pulled to all the different media's out there.  My new purchase is Inktense pencils and blocks, that I have seen some of the great mixed media artists out there use, though they have not been used on this project, in fact sitting in packet next to me, play time when I've finished this post.  This is a blank canvas book I picked up in WHS to start practising my drawing in, note not showing those attempts yet, (they are a bit cringeworthy LOL).  Anyway couldn't work in a blank faced book so got to work with some Paperartsy Fresco paints, a balzer template and some texture paste, and then added some stampotique stamps and lots of pen work in gold, black and white, quite proud of my underworld effect.


the beginning of the process

and midway

hope you like, off to play with my new purchases.


Cath Wilson said...

What a great way to use that stencil and yes, I have it, too! Fabby colours x

Deborah said...

This looks fantastic, Pidd! Have fubn with the drawing. The secret is practice, practice, practice. Not that I ever do.

Kaz said...


fairy thoughts said...

fab colouring on your page.
keep trying with the drawing and show and tjanetell next time..... you know you want to

Happy Days said...


Let me know how you get on with the inktense pencils and blocks. See you next week :D

SG xxx

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

OOOOOOOO If you are now drawing you will love Aprils class!! (not that I'm shamefully advertising on here again rofl...ok I am...)but it's a mixed media canvas stylee we are doing -painting/drawing and stamping.

Love how you've started off. Great colour.