Monday, 15 April 2013

Ally Pally and more cards

So I had a lovely day at Ally Pally Big Stamp & Scrapbooking Show yesterday, as I had been telling my workmates Sunday was guaranteed to be nice as every year when I go there the sun shines and the blossom "blossoms"! Went with my good friend Sue, now Sue is the good crafter who thinks before she spends and then there is me LOL. this year I tried to be restrained and managed quite well looking and thinking before I bought, but once the dam burst there was no stopping me. Stupidly left Paper Artsy till last, so couldnt get all I wanted as it was gone (sad face). But fell in love with the new Lynn Perrella collection, havent bought any of the previous ones as hadnt appealed to me, but these are just up my street, also saw Leandra demo Grunge Paste and treasure Gold, with a very sexy voice LOL. Decided thinking before I bought didnt work as I went back to one stand to get some Dylussion Quotes and they had sold out , grrrrrrrrr.

Anyway below are pictures of my haul.

Also used up my second background sheet inspired by Paula Whittaker in Craft Stamper, May issue. Used a lot more water this time and tipped to run it around, added Perfect Pearls and used a straw to manoeuvre it around, also background stamped before chopping it up


couldnt resist doing an exact copy of the boy and dog card, just so cute.

Hope you are all ok, am off this week so will have time to play with my haul. Off to visit my mum and dad tomorrow in Hampshire, as dad has been very unwell, wished they didnt live so far away.  Am driving past the new Craft barn location on the way, so would be rude not to stop.

Please can I ask you to leave a comment if you visit, have turned off word verification and would appreciate any comment you take the time to make. 

Just remembered does anyone know how to do a link off my posts onto my facebook page?


Deborah said...

Restrained? I think not LOL Do you know, from the glimpses I've seen of the new Lynne Perrellas I am not that excited because they are different from her usual style. Not sure. But I do like the figure with the goldfish flags.

Your blue cards are simply ab fab. I wonder if one of them will be - ahem - my birthday card... :-)

Netrix said...

Hey chic, ooh am so loving your stash of goodness. Love the cards you made, they're really gorgeous. Hope your dad keeps well and you enjoy your visit.
Jeanette xxx

Claire Boelema said...

Hee Hee restrained my a@*e! Was gonna text you Sunday to say look out for the Kanban card blanks which were 100 for £5! Loving that Peacock stamp!

Fab cards, think I might need to re-read the mag ;)

SxG xxx

Jo said...

Hi, if I want to lst to my facebook page I just click on f icon at the bottom of the post, login to Faebook if I haven't looged in already and it copies the URL and I add in any other text. Hope this helps.

Lovely backgrounds on your cards. Jo xx

Paula Whittaker said...
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Paula Whittaker said...

Sorry it was me who deleted the above message....should check before I press the send button!
Anyhow....loving the cards and the colour choice of the backgrounds.