Sunday, 12 May 2013

Lynn Perrella piece

Looking at Paper Artsy blog and saw this brilliant piece accompanied by a photographic walk through by Sue Carrington, so decided to have a go this weekend.


two pictures, left without flash, right with. Couldn't decide which one showed the piece best. I had different ideas for the piece was thinking willow pattern for colour, and major embossing on the fish kites, however when I went to glue down the piece the fish took on a life of their own and decided to fly, loved the look so this is what I went with.


Netrix said...

Love it chic. Think this is my most favouritist work of art you've created

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work of art Siobhan! x

Deborah said...

Love the touches of gold (or is it copper?) with the blue.Fab!