Saturday, 11 May 2013

Playing with new stuff

Been playing with my new grunge paste, treasure gold and Paper Artsy fresco paints and stencils.  Took inspiration from Paper Artsy blog, Leandra demo at Ally Pally and Linda Brown blog.

Now it has to be said they make it look dead easy and I cant tell you how many layers of paint there are on these pieces of paper, because I would get something good and then mess it up by trying something on top of it, which then meant repainting the whole thing, it was however great fun and done over many nights, have stuck them to two card fronts but dont quite know who if anyone shall receive them, shall just add them to my stash of prepared cards.

Next week Im off to Ireland for a girlie weekend, my lovely friends are taking me to see our other friend for my significant birthday (just gone). I believe it will include shopping, gossiping, eating and drinking  . .  yee hah!!


Bedecked Beads said...

Lovely work Pidd x

Netrix said...

Love the end results chic!

Deborah said...

Oooh love that green one.

I didn't realise your birthday was a milestone one! Have a groovy weekend in Ireland.

Claire Boelema said...

Fab work Esx G! ave a fab time SxG x

Minxy said...

Oooo you got the stencil I want lol Lovely cards, i like the colours on the first xo

Claireliz said...

These are gorgeous.
C xx