Sunday, 17 May 2009


On Saturday I took a huge risk and crossed the Thames to the other side, LOL.

Was visiting the in-laws, they were very kind and took us out to lunch at a Vintage Inn, didn't realise it was a chain but had an absolutely yummy toad in the hole with mash and peas, unfortunately ma-in-law had crispy lemon chicken which wasnt so good, but hey she should have stuck with the original choice of Toad in the Hole, hehehe.

Anyway lunch over and we went off to visit Barleylands Craft Village, now the last time we visited was when no 1 son was about two or three and he loved, adored, worshipped tractors and they had a little tractor museum and a steam engine display, a few craft shops, (but shock horror wasnt into crafting then !!), great day was had by all especially no 1 son, ok I was a bit bored looking at tractors, but I was being a good mummy, LOL, so that was about 12 years ago.
Well I knew things had changed when we drove into the brick paved car park, last time it was a field, they have expanded significantly and there is lots to see and do, but best of all, two craft shops, both hitting different markets, one was more rangers/heidi swapp/glimmer mists/alcohol inks and the other was just about everything else. Well I was in clover in Sugar and Spice and managed to spend £20ish pounds, mother in law was with me so trying to be restrained, next shop was Pinnacle Crafts which was huge, unluckily everyone came into this shop with me and trailed me around, hubby spent whole time going "Look at this", when I was quite clearly looking at something else, anyway his evil plan worked and put me off my stride and only spend £6, £5 off that on LLB Vennaisance paper.
The only good news was we then discovered Choc and Fudge shop, and they had all your childhood sweets I got some Iced Caramels and chocolate tools. I would recommend it to anyone who is close by and can get there, there is a farm bit for kids, have to pay though to get in there, but hey the plan is go with in laws and kids, get in laws to do grandparent bit with kids whilst you mooch (shop).

Anyway today ended up playing with alcohol inks, and when I cleared out wardrobe the other day found some wine glass charms which I decided to alter, see pics below, had a great messy time, dont know when to stop though and had to then keep going as had messed up what I had done first, finally managed to stop myself though.

Back to work tomorrow, yee hah, NOT.

Oh and visit this blog, I find it really amusing and inspiring in equal amounts, Dyan's blog.


June said...

Lol what are you like ? hehe. Well these are fab siobhan, truly brilliant work and they look so pretty.
I have taken my time with the atc i promised you, just been so busy my friend but its in an addressed envelope and ready to post so shouldnt be long now. Hope you have enjoyed the weekend
Hugs June xx

flutterbycrafter said...

Oh, just loved all your fantastic things on your site and had a good laugh at your comments - it could have been me. Why do husbands have to follow when you're in a heavenly shop. Will have to find this place next time I go to my friends in Hampton. Ann x