Thursday, 7 May 2009


I have had such a cr*p week, husband sick, manager off sick, feel like I am doing everything, aarrgghh!!! So thought I would share some photos I have taken in the last few weeks, Im really proud of them, though without the ability to take load of pics in order to get a good one, these moments may never have happened, thank god for the digital camera, Hope you like them.

Am on holiday next week so hope to fit in some crafty time, though lots of family birthdays coming up as well, anyway shall keep you all informed of my fascinating goings on, LOL, oh and got a new phone and it receives my emails its amazing.


Lynne K said...

Wonderful photos, especially the dandelion clock. Hope you have a good weekend!

Jenni said...

LOVE the photos Siobhan, the dandelion is stunning and the bluebell so atmospheric!
Jenni x

June said...

Wow Siobhan . more hidden talents my friend. these are fabulous photo's ... hugs June xxxx

June said...

Hi siobhan. My top hat dancer is yours my friend. I shall get her off to you next week
Thanks for your lovely comment. Ok off to read me thriller and get some sleep i am nackered lol
night night
Hugs June x

Deborah said...

I tried to comment on these before but now I seem to have solved my blogger problem. Soooo...yes digital does give you the leeway to keep taking pics until you get it 'right' but you still need aesthetic and compositional skills. And judging by these, you do!