Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Carrrrs, who needs them. . . grrr

Just a quick moan for me crafty girlies, car went into shop yesterday for service and mot, got a lovely little corsa as a courtesy car, except it had really wierd indicators and driving home from work today I couldnt get them to come off, they would indicate either way and when i turned a corner both of them would come on, I was so embarassed the drivers following me must have been calling me some choice names, as I indicated one way and then just carried on gaily in a straight line, Tried everything, turned the engine off whilst at traffic lights, no change, kept pushing the lever, no change, kept turning the wheel when stationary to get them off automatically, still no change. Finally worked out that when I had been fiddling with air vent to get some cool air I had knocked the hazards on, but because it was so sunny couldnt see light that showed they were on, what a div, oops.
Anyway took car back and collected mine with a cost double the original estimate, aaarggh, thank god I bought the promarkers before I had to empty the bank account and the carpet money we'd been saving to pay for the car.
Speak again soon, Siobhan


Jenni said...

Sounds just like the sort of thing I would do - just lock yourself away and play with those promarkers till the blushing dies down!
Jenni x

weewiccababe said...

I sometimes think cars are more hassle than they are worth - I'm forver putting mine into the garage

thanks for the comment on my blog - the baby oil is actually for the prisma pencils, not the promarkers.
Stazon is no use for promarkers as it is solvent based, same as promarkers so it will always bleed
Memento or Impress are best for working with promarkers
there is info on card and inks on the PfP blog weekend workshops