Saturday, 15 August 2009

Holiday Crafting

So in the holidays finally manged to get my sisters mini book started, decided to use Basic Grey Phoebe as my background papers, so backed all the pages, printed all the photos out to the right size, started doing it, front cover first, which I was quite proud of then two pages inside, which also went well, then got bored, so put it back on the shelf before I rushed it and made a mess of it.
Also bought a paint spinner yesterday, brilliant article on this in Craft Stamper September 2009 issue, my good crafty friend Rusty saved me spending money on one in ELC as not battery operated and you need the speed. Argos didnt do them or Sussex Stationers or Hobby Craft, Rusty had told me Toys r us do them, but thats a fair old drive, luckily toy shop in centre had one, and just to make it better it was half price, £5 (woop woop).
So had a little play, first pic is from the paints it came with, then I moved onto alcohol inks, think I may get addicted to this.

cant wait to use some for backgrounds and cards, still got all day tomorrow to play.


Flippinpest said...

Ooooo that looks like great fun Pidd. Could you not just have spun one of the boys round and put a piece of paper on his head? Flipp ;-)

Love your sisters book BTW-great idea

Anonymous said...

Hiya my friend, hope you are well :) Wooohooo love the album and love the paint spinner !! That is a fab bit of kit :) Great work ! I have been so unwell but this week i promise to send the atc lol ... bet its the longest you ever waited for one
hugs june x

Deborah said...

Great spin art, Pidd! You B***er, getting it for a fiver LOL Just emailed you to find what you bought at Blade.

Jenni said...

I had one of those when I was a kid - wonder what happened to that?!
I love what you've done with it so far and you're sisters book looks great so far.....
Hope you are well
Jenni x

Fliss said...

Great work Siobhan! Lovely for me to have time to catch up with everyone and glad I did! I'm after a paint spinner too but haven't yet found one-nearest Toys 'r Us is 10 miles away (boo-hoo).