Saturday, 15 August 2009

Reality hits . . . its back to work Monday . . .

Computer . . . but I still have a day and a half before then, so desperately trying to do lots of yummy craft things before work steals 8 hours out of every day.

So here we are, quick holiday update, spent a couple of days in Hampshire with parents, first day on Wittering beach, I love the sea, it was windy but bright, so 10 days later still peeling from that foray into the sun, ooopps. Also went to St Marys Bay, Kent no problem their with sunshine, didnt appear all day LOL, plus tide was so high couldnt hardly even see the sand, however we are british so spent 4 hours there, with one long chilly dip in the sea, tide only began to go out when we had changed, so we went for a stroll.

Our best day was a trip to London, had ordered meal vouchers from Tesco, really good value each £5 got £20 worth of food vouchers for Planet Hollywood, long wait for them though, 13 days, so order well in advance. Drove up their as rail fares were over £80 to get to mainline station, whereas parking in central london was max £31 per day in NCP, £8 congestion charge and some petrol, so much better deal and less stressful. Visited British Museum, too hot and too crowded, . . . . they were stacked two deep !!!!! LOL

lots of lovely specialist shops around museum like comics, coins, whiskey and off course Blade Crafts, managed to lose boys and had a quiet mooch in their, started off being good but then thought what the hell, I wont get up here again for a while, so went mad, yee hah. Used to work and live in this area, hadn't found craft then more into clubs and boys. Took picture from street I lived on, British Museum is to the right and two buildings with rounded roof bits are the hotels I used to work in. Area wasnt quite so hip and trendy then it has too be said.

Bus to Trafalgar Square, waved to person on Plinth and he waved back, Planet Hollywood which the boys loved, though the food wasnt the best, the desserts however were magnificent. Then walked to Covent Garden and Seven Dials, which eldest really enjoyed as had all the "names" up their, final stop was Forbidden Planet, boys shop full of stuff!!! including this man . .
he had a brass pyramid on his head, !!!!!!!!!!

We did do other thinbgs but the brain is going and I cant remember plus dont want too bore you too much, LOL, just gonna try adding some photo's.



Flippinpest said...

Sounds as though you have had a great time.I havent visited London for years but it looks as though you had a brill time.

You found it strange that a man had a brass pyramid on his head? Keeps his brain sharp lol. Just taken mine off to wash my hair ;-)

Deborah said...

LOL Flipp. Siobhan, You could use that lovely top pic of the sea as a background for an ATC, fat page (hint hint :-) I love the British Museum. Sometimes I just pop in to use the loo1