Wednesday, 14 October 2009

been a busy bee ....

. . . . so yesterday had the day off and decided was just going to do things for me, not be beholden to anyone, bliss, or it would have been, eldest rang me at 8am, waking me up telling me he had forgotten his football kit and could i bring it in, grrrrrrr, told him I was asleep and would think about it, snoozed for a while but lay-in ruined, now knew I had to get up, get washed and dressed to take the blimmin' kit in. Anyway did that had some lunch, treated myself to a chip butty from the chippy, reward for taking kit in, it was yummy. Then sat down to craft .

Decided to follow some recent postings by Leandra on the Paper Artsy blog, using metal, well worth a look if you would like to learn more techniques, and had a lovely couple of hours making a mess, ended up working on a small piece of desk, as rest covered by all the bits I had hauled out to use, anyway enough chatter, here are some piccies of what I did, not the best photography in the world, but hopefully you can get the idea.

1. used some flower stamps outlined, blank areas doodled into and then black acrylic paint added and wiped away, and then distressed flower petals by scouring off colour to make them shiny and stand out.
2 & 3. used a mould for the twist then added some ferro stamped into then just played with colouring
4. this was a stamp, that I outlined and puffed out.
5. This is a mould with just some distressing, had filled it with 3d clear gloss which went everywhere, and got some on the metal, when I wiped it off it took off the colouring, yay instant distressing..


flutterbycrafter said...

Lovely work, it gets addictive though.

Deborah said...

It's lovely just to play, isn't it. These are fabbo, Pidd. Love the flowers.

Anonymous said...

Tis, just me, and thanks so much for the gorgeous cutie naughty boy atc .. i absolutely LOVE it !!
Hope all is good with you my friend
hugs June xxxx