Saturday, 24 October 2009

metal etc . .

This week I have been on holiday and the week was meant to be crafting time but I managed to keep myself quite busy doing other things, Monday I even defrosted the fridge freezer's, that only took about three hours, now I know why I avoid that job, another job I avoid is cleaning the oven, luckily managed to avoid that, if I had the money I'd rather buy a new one, LOL.
Anyway when I had time I played with metals and acrylic paint, First of all made three ATC's using alluminium foil and the lovely stampotique stamps, Im loving these a lot, but may well be an acquired taste, dont think my mum would like one on her birthday card, LOL. These are available for trading, let me know if you are interested, might be a heartwrench as I really like these.

I also bought this cardboard box from HobbyCraft and decided to try and decorate it using metals, I am pleased with it, though would do some things differently if I had another go. Next effort will be covering a plywood hanging xmas tree, if it works might send these as cards to immediate family members, might be a bit hopeful though. Had ordered Tim Hotlz's reindeer and xmas tree sheet to make xmas cards this year, but its still not in stock where I ordered it from, so may have to do some rethinking.

Did sell about 30 xmas stamps on ebay last week, cheapskate that I am put them on at starting price of 50p to avoid listing fees, backfired as quite a few sold at 50p or just above, grrrrr. Never mind they were just gathering dust here, defn not a good time to sell the other stamps and things Ive got sitting here, they shall have to gather dust for a bit longer.

Back to work Monday, woo hoo. But I am now officially saving to go on the March 2010 Artsy Crafty weekend.


Fliss said...

Great work Pidd! Stampotique stamps are a bit of an acquired taste-in my lot only my slightly Gothic elder daughter likes that sort of thing so may invest in one for her 21st next year.
Really love your box-it's just gorgeous.
I'm with you on the avoiding housework bit though it's more difficult at the mo as we have 2 new baby bunnies and the house gets covered in hay!!!
Fliss xx

Deborah said...

Wow, love that box, Pidd! You'll be way ahead of me when we get to go to Artsy Crafty weekend.
I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of my one stampotique stamp but they do have a weird goth-y charm. BTW I've just added some steampunk ATCs to my blog.

flutterbycrafter said...

These are beautiful. Love the box.

Dylan said...

love em. We,ve just got the stamps back in stock today, if thats any use to you x