Monday, 12 October 2009

Busy doing nothing . . .

Well hello my fellow bloggers, sorry havent been on to say hello for a while, but time has just fast forwarded recently, Ive made some cards with some of my pro marker images, find it quite hard to do this style of card, have to work quite hard at it to get it to work.

I just love colouring with these pens, but am still trying to relax into using them rather than giving it all to much thought, which then can make them look a bit too stilted, not being a natural artist I struggle to work out light source and all that stuff, did an image the other day which i did bit by bit rather than trying to colour whole thing in one go, seeems to have created a more natural effect.

Have got the day off tomorrow so going to try and do some more altered messy things, been to the charity shop and picked up some things for altering, so hopefully back later in the week with some more exciting art.

Have also been taking some great photos out and around my home, love the effect of rain on spiders webs, and there are so many of them this year.

This was the view on Saturday night from the field near my home, just love the colour effects you get with these late autumn sunsets, have to make the most of them expect they will disappear when the clocks fall back, which cant be far off now.

Anyway off to watch Flash Forward on FIve now, catch u l8r. Siobhan


patcrafts said...

I love your cards they are soooooo cute, the composition is great very creative. Your colouring looks fine to me but I understand what you are saying as I have the same problem understanding the light and shade.

flutterbycrafter said...

Love the cards, I also find it difficult to get the colouring correct, I think you just have to keep practicing, although your colouring looks fine to me. Ann xx

Pattie said...

Beautiful Art as always !please pop over to my blog and pickup your award !

Deborah said...

Hard work has paid off though, Siobhan. I adore Don't Be Blue. Spiderweb is wonderful. What a creative bunny you are! :-)