Sunday, 11 April 2010

Ally Pally 2010

Yesterday I spent the whole day craft shopping at Ally Pally what bliss.  Had saved up birthday money and anything I could scrounge so I could have a good spending session, started off really well at LB Crafts picking up the new paper artsy stamps and one of the dies, some texture paint and anything else I had to have, got to the till, whoops nearly a third of the budget gone already, but it is my fave stall so I knew I would not be able to be that good on it, Leandra is in Paris this weekend,  (which sounds interesting event wise, shall have to find out more about that, perhaps we can have a blog coach trip next year), so Linda Brown and Linda !! were demoing, left that till the end of the day to watch, had spent all my money (tend to take cash as much quicker to pay on all the stalls) but ended up having to spend a little bit of my overdraft on a few must haves after this demo and Linda Brown even kindly gave me the bit she had demoed for me, I was well chuffed with that and I got a paper artsy brooch for spending a certain amount, I cannot of course divulge the amount, LOL.
We then mooched around the event, trying to collect bargains where we could, one of the stalls was selling five packs of Pro markers for £5, what a bargain, which my friend snapped up, she is however more restrained than me and only bought two. Forgot to mention, met the lovely Rusty Cage at the event and hooked up a couple of times during the day and boasted about our bargains, Rusty found the pro markers first and five arty wooden stamps for £10, got their later on and couldnt get the ones I really wanted, (the ones Rusty got, grrrr),  but did allright.  Also got some Debbie moore image packs for £2, and the £1 stall buy 12 items for £10, got some clear squares some jeweled embellishments, a ruler, a tin for altering and the Laurence Llewyn Bowen dvd and book, even if its rubbish cant say no for a £1.
Searched around for ages for the best price on distress ink pads, and got 3 for £12 in the end from Samuel Taylor and some perfect pearls, which were demoed for me, whilst a very annoying lady (not the demo lady) told me how much better Creative Imagination stamps were than Paper Artsy, grrr, was very restrained and said that it was nice to have lots of choice and I had some from both suppliers, really wanted to wipe her face in the perfect pearls, because she was so loud, annoying and opinionated,all without any encouragement, there we go it takes all sorts, just hope you're not reading this, LOL.
Finally I knew I wanted some more Claudine Hellmuth paints, so spied them out and got them at the end of the day, really only had enough for 5, but reasoned in my head, that I was going to buy the others eventually so might as well buy them all whilst I was there, I'm sure you all understand that reasoning.  So bought all 10 I was missing, except when I got home realised I already had dash of Red, so still need to get one more.  How tempting to just pop back their today to swap it, dont think the OH or the bank ac would allow that.
Anyway had a fantastice day and am looking forward to stroking and playing with all my new stash over the next few weeks, and of course saving for the Craft Barn event in June.  Hope you all had a fab weekend too and enjoy checking out my new stash.


Sandra Hall said...

I was drooling over the pictures of your stash - slightly jealous too, but so glad for you that you got some great bargains!!!!! I LOL at your reasoning, you know the thoughts of us fellow artists so well!

Deborah said...

Omg you did have a spend up! Love the penny farthing stamp and the embossing folder that looks a bit like one of those door curtain thingies. I think you went through the hall much more methodically than I did so saw lots of stuff I didn't. Probably a good thing for my bank acct. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it all.

BTW re my blog comments - I didn't post any pictures at first hence the first comment.

flutterbycrafter said...

Wow there aren't aint some stuff their girl! Sounds as though you had a fabulous time spending and got some real bargains to boot.

Sherry said...

OMG - that is a phenomenal amount of stash - a girl after my own heart!! You did us all proud - looking at all your stuff and reading your account has made me feel as though I was there too! I didn't go this time (just knew the old credit card would take too much of a bashing) - still there's always September!

kimmie_35 said...

wow! You look like you had a lot of fun!!! I was in the wrong place this weekend... I couldn't find anything to spend my money in at our local craftshops!!!!! You are certainly in for a good play!!!!

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, you have had a really good spend-up! What a fantastic load of stash, you will have a lot of fun stroking that little lot! Kate x

Pattie said...

Now i,m flippin jealous lol nough said haha