Sunday, 18 April 2010

Birthday cards

had to make two male cards for this week, got this dreamweavers stencil last week at Ally Pally with male cards in mind.  Proceeded to spend every evening this week trying to get it to work.  First of all my embossing paste kept going under the stencil, (ideas on how to stop that would be wlecome), then used glitter which was too chunky and obscured all the detail, then tried adding perfect pearls whilst paste was still wet, not a good effect and nearly ruined my brush, LOL.  Then decided to just use mica paint through the stencil, would have looked great if it hadnt bled again, grrrrrrrr.  So ended up brushing it out and then had the idea to use black marker pen to outline stencil onto brushed background, used some sakura pens to block in and voila,it worked.  Hope my male rellies appreciate the effort I made. LOL
Close ups for those that want to look closer


Sherry said...

I've seen the stencils and paste demo-ed on TV but haven't got any myself - it did always look a bit too messy for me. I think your masculine cards are great.

(Small world isn't it, you being born in Ilford - I was born in Bethnal Green and have since lived in Kent and now back in Romford - who knows where next - somewhere hot and exotic - in my dreams anyway - LOL)

Sandra Hall said...

But just think of all the 'how not to's' you've learned making those cards! (which are fab BTW) Also, I love your ATC's and would love to trade...I'll email you in the next couple of days.

flutterbycrafter said...

Love the cards, I agree with my friend Sandra, think of all the how not to's you've learnt.

Deborah said...

I've seen the Bibbster use these stencils and I think she treated them a bit like a screen print ie you tape the stencil down, then put a big dollop of paste at one edge and then use something like a scraper to drag the paste over the stencil. Check out the QVC web site - there may be a video.
They look great, btw!