Sunday, 4 July 2010

Journal Backgrounds

Enjoyed doing this, using lots of Kate Cranes techniques, check her out here,  just cant quite think of the journalling yet, gotta be something along the lines of when one door closes another one opens, but that is as far as the brain cells have got . . . I'm loving my sequin waste, perhaps a wee bit overboard on it, but hey ho, also used my new Eco Green Crafts paints, got 5 from the craft barn and they are  really yumptions to use.
Am really proud of this one, love the colouring and have drawn in the lines using my wavy ruler, all ready for the journalling, again thats as far as the brain cells have got again, its the heat I reckon, moves all thoughts apart from "HOT" from my brain.This one has words on, what a miracle, not many mind, but better than nought, LOL, love the model picture, have had it for ages waiting for it to be stuck somewhere.
This one just evolved from me mucking about, first made a quilt of colours from my DI pads, just pressed on, then added water and let it run around, then added loads of pics, added some of Dyans letters, then doodled away, found it quite hard to stop myself, kept seeing more bits I could do.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, got Dyans new InkSprays yesterday so gonna play with them later on.


flutterbycrafter said...

Oooo these are stunning, fantastic colours and very artistic. Love the models head and you can never have enough sequin waste on your pages.

Sandra Hall said...

Great backgrounds! And I love that
Beauty and the Beast page. You are right to be proud!

FlipSyde said...

I LOVE these pages! I seriously dig those!

Bedecked Beads said...

These are incredible Pidds!There is so much to take in on all of them, colour,design and techniques...brill! (aka Flipp)

Deborah said...

Gorgeous, Pidd. You have a real flair for journal pages! And you can never have too much sequin waste :-)

thekathrynwheel said...

I'm loving your backgrounds here - they are super nice. And thanks for the link :-) When I write on a journal page I don't think about it first, I just start writing and let it go. That's why my journal pages are full of crap if you read them closely! Haha!
Now, did you see my comment on your last blog post? About the ATC? Well, do you want it?!! Let me have your address if you do. Byeeeee for now, and get journaling on those yummy pages!

Lizzybobs said...

I love your altered pages - fab u lous

Spyder said...

I know iwas here yesterday, because thses papges are amazing!!! I'm doing the rounds again, as I can't remember where I've been..Well, I can but blogger was going to error yesterday so many times I gave up! So if you have 'waiting for approval' sorry if I've said this before!! but your pages are fantastic!