Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I am so late this week, was gonna do when I got home from work but my darling sons had used up the batteries in the camera but not put them on to recharge, grrrrr   . . .  and its only the beginning of the summer hols, gawd help me.

Now I wont be able to take part this coming week as my mum is having a hip op and Im going down to look after dad while she is in hospital, they have no internet access (aarrgghhhh), hope to be back by WOYWW 61, but it will depend on how things turn out, have had to take emergency leave from work, has to come out of my holidays, cheers work, forget about all those extra hours Ive given you.  I will be just outside Winchester, so if anyone can point me in the right direction for some great crafting shops, I will be eternally grateful, Spyder I know you are down that way.

Anyway onto this week, due to popular demand I have shown the stamps I got last week from 3d Jean, they are stamped in my stamp file, which is categorized and next to each stamp I write what box its in, that is a bit a**l, I know, but it works, and I can browse through when I am looking for inspiration.  In the background a lovely ATC from the lovely Rusty Cage and a card I have made for my boss's new daughter.

Also I have visited the sales this week and got a lovely top from Monsoon, also bought the pen pot and couldnt resist the sign, and an update on the jewellery box, paper not stuck in yet, but Im liking the look.

So I am off tomorrow so will be visiting as many as I can, will miss you all next week but am going to take laptop and learn some more about my Silhouette and Adobe Photoshop.


Pallavi said...

what a neat work all of your goodies!! i like the notebook you have with the stamps..great job thanks for posting..xoxo hugs

The Crafty Chick said...

Hey there you! I was later than you this week, got interrupted about 75 times from Noon onwards!!

Liking your folder. Am most impressed with your organisational skills. most impressed...very...really! I am.. Honest...

...are you sure it's your desk?

Linda Elbourne said...

Very lovely and tidy with some fab storage on display too ... Hope all goes well next week and that you find time to shop ... and if you do ... well come back and show us what you bought :0)

Doone said...

love all your stuff - hope things go well for your Mum and you find some retail therapy whilst caring for your Dad,

See you back here soon,


Sid said...

Lovely stuff, great area nd projects !! Thanks for your comments.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ooh love the pen pot and fabby stamps :-) You may want to re-think the card for the boss in view of them being mean over the emergency leave!!! LOL
Anne xx

Claireliz said...

Are those the Altered Original Inks I spy on your desk... what are they like? I really want some. Your Jewellery box looks lovely (mine is still unaltered) Did yours have a picture painted on the glass? I can't remove the picture from mine, wondered if you had any ideas?

chrissy xx said...

What a lovely work area you have.
Looks like a great card up there.
Not in your neck of the woods, but am sure you will find at least one craft shop. Will watch for your new goodies when you get back.
Take care.

Deborah said...

Hope all goes well with your mum's hip op, Pidd. Glad the steam fairy reached you. I like your stamp book. I have one too BUT no reference to where it is filed - it's all in my head!Possibly not a good idea.

Spyder said...

Oh my goodness what a fabulous desk, room, space you have to craft in. Soooo much going on, where do I look first!!I love the cabinet, the wall hanging, even the gorgeous silver bowl your pens are in! Thanks for the reminder, my camera's batteries went down last night, better put them on charge!! And oh wow!!! I can see Robbie the Robot!!!(was called Roger but hubby put him in the store as Robbie) and Fore Street and the nosy clown, well that's made my day! week! month! Don't forget to show me if you make anything,I'd love to put it in the store! Hope you got this weeks unicorn. Have a fab WoYww on Friday, sorry I'm soo late, I'm a very slow typer and reader!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sometimes it's good to be anal. I think it's occasionally my middle name. I really like how you categorize your stamps, and would do the same if I were a stamper. When you learn Photoshop, you can teach me (GRIN). Have a fun and safe time away.

Sorry I'm so late getting here. Best laid plans and all. Happy WOYWW on Friday.

JoZart said...

Lovely crafty space and lots of yummy goodies. Hope your Mum's hip op goes as well as my DHs. He is doing soooo well and tell her whilst it may be uncomfortable he never found it painful.
Love your pen cauldron!

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm late so you might not get this for 3 weeks - but I'm nearish Winchester...we should at least try to meet!! Love your new purchases and although I can't be like it - love your book of stamps..gorgeous plan! Hope your Mum sails through..

Chrissie said...

Lots of lovely things to look at!
Thanks so much!