Sunday, 13 November 2011

An eclectic collection ...............

....................  of the bits and pieces I've been playing with recently, I thought I would round them all up for you all, as the christmas card task is looming.

First off, I bought this at the Craft Barn on my recent visit, amongst a few other bits and bobs, LOL.

and turned it into this

Check out my cool storage for distress stain and dabbers behind, its a metal cutlery tray stood on its side, works really well as stickers on the top show me the colour and then I just have to pull out the one I want, carefully LOL.

Now some journal pages I've been playing/experimenting with different paint application techniques, this one I used my fingers to pick up distress stain and smeared it on the page, quite a good effect, really messy fingers though, I wasn't actually feeling sad when I made this, but it just seemed to match the background.

Next in my mini journal, lots of different techniques, used a journal pic of a lady in a mac, distressed unintentionally with wax pastels, as I smeared them in the ink came off, liked the effect so used it some more.

This weeks offering, applying paint with wet wipe, oh so easy, then lots of layering on top

loved the lady lying down pic, couldnt bring myself to alter her, did the journalling before adding the leaves, so had huge space on one side, then remembered Dyans lovely on the edge leaf die,so painted a book page and then stamped onto it with the stamps and cut out and stuck to the page.

So that me and what I've been doing, apart from work, which is the pits, but one more week and I'm on holiday for two weeks so hope to have a lot of me time to create.  List of other things I need to do though is growing alarmingly.


flutterbycrafter said...

Gorgeous work, fabulous colours, even the grey one xx

Kaz said...

Oooo lovely makes but I LOVE the journal pages....totally gorgeous!!


Deborah said...

I spy ZEBEDEE!! Careful, you are showing your years LOL Great array of crafy stuff here, Pidd. Can see you have been studying the mighty Dyan for your journal pages and they are splendid.