Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cards & more cards

So another week making cards, two male cards for bruv and bruv in laws birthdays, my ma in laws birthday card which was very hurriedly made the night before, as her son was going to make it but didnt get around to it, and is not my finest moment, she liked it though, phew, and then a card a friend had asked me to make for her,which she loved as well so phew again. Male cards made using some of the techniques I learnt at my Tim Holtz style workshop, dont suppose they will appreciate the fine work, but what can you do , Ho Hum.
Had the day off today for working saturday and have got tomorrow off as it is youngests last day at Junior school, finally they are both on their way to becoming independant, I get my life back, wah hey!!!! :) ;), spent today looking at work that needs doing and managed to only do some washing, perhaps tomorrow, ho hum, it will still be there, especially the filthy bathroom.

Instead i sat and watched Torchwood from last week, it was excellent and really good tv show, what a shame they are not going to make anymore, credit crunch sure has some things to answer for, managed to tidy up craft area (room, its spreading, LOL).

Yesterday (weds) was supposed to be my last day until the 17/8, as I have Jury service and followed straight away by family holiday, but my jury service has now been deferred to start thursday, so ho hum gotta go to work, M, T, W. Its my third time doing jury service which i think is as many as you have to do, so its the last one I will have to do.
Hope you all have a great weekend Im at a 50th weddinbg anniversary on saturday for the in laws and then sunday recovering. Speak to you all again soon, Siobhan :)


Smiffy's Particrafting adventures said...

Love the cards. Those techniques from the workshop were fab and I'm busy distressing everything!

Deborah said...

Love your Tim Holtz cards, Siobhan! I reckon that was £35 well spent (not that you weren't talented before that workshop, sez she, hurriedly lol). I have never once been asked to do jury service. Perhaps advertising types not are considered suitable.