Wednesday, 1 July 2009

What a lovely day.

First of all thought I would show you a picture of my garden, its nothing special but its my piece of paradise and tranquility, well when the kids arent fighting, LOL, so am sat out here now working on laptop, listening to some mellow music, watching the fish swimming in the pond and listening to the trickle of water, luckily kids are elsewhere.

Anyway last night finally made sisters 50th card, decided not to go for the big number theme so looked thorough stamps for some inspiration and remembered havent really used this one since I had to get it after seeing it in an article in Craft Stamper (LOL).

Anyway searched and found that article and this issue has got a great piece on using distress inks on foil, so tried that but havent really got the colours for the effect I wanted, so ended up using a kaleidescope five colour stamps and playing with that, using previous article for card design inspiration.
Also once I had made the backgound paper decided they were a bit dark, so decided to do some bleach stamping and then a little bit of glimmer mists to add some sparkle, and so voila my card, have put a close up in for you to see my paper a bit more, I was chuffed with the finished result and hope my sister will be suitably impressed with the result. Managed to put mini book off for a while as didnt want to put it in post, so said I will give her her gift when I see her, normally twice a year, so got some more time, Im glad cos I didnt want to rush it as its going to be about our growing up and all those memories.

Right peace has been shattered, son is back saoking wet has been having a water fight, who can blame them in this heat though.

Speak again soon Siobhan


Jenni said...

Love your sister's card Siobhan and she'll love it I'm sure. Wish I was sitting in your garden!
Jenni x

Lynne K said...

Great card. LOVE that background.

Deborah said...

Beautiful stamp, beautiful card! Hope you're still chilled.