Thursday, 30 July 2009

Arty Farty

Saw this article in "Simply Cards & Papercraft", issue 61 by one of my faves, Dyan from Blonde Moments, on Beeswax, which I had just begun to play with. Loved the look of the mini canvas, so ignored the advanced tag and away I went.

Luckily I already had the teacup images and wings from Lisa's Altered Art, so having picked the cup, my colour scheme was also chosen. Started with the acrylic paint background, to which I then added Glimmer mist to create a nice shimmer, an inspired addition by me, or so I thought, add beeswax and heat and funny orangey colour appeared, oops.

One of the hardest things was finding a front shot of my face, but bit the bullet and just used one from my birthday this year, dont have many photos of me, as Im always upset that I dont look like I think I should, Ive got a "scewed" mentality what can I say.

Decided to use one of tim H's stamps and then had a hunt through all my metal accesories, had to go for the handbag, asI am a bit of a handbag queen, hence the crown, with bling!!!, also had to have Altered for my word, as I aspire to become more of an altered artist. Dont have a lot of time for that at the mo', but keep stash buying for when I do have. LOL.

I really enjoyed this and am fairly proud of the result, beeswax got a bit thick at time and I found it hard to sort that out, also had problems getting things to stay stuck down, perhaps I should have started on the beginners project, haha.

Anyway hope you enjoy it, have got one more day at work then two week holiday, not going anywhere, but just not to work will be bliss. Have arranged one day going into London, (rail fare will cost a fortune), to see the British Museum, havent mentioned the very handy craft shop near there yet (LOL), lunch at Planet Hollywood (cashed my tesco tokens in for that treat) and then off to Covent Garden, will be going to Hampshire to see my parents, always go to the beach from there, so pray for sunshine, ignore those party poopers the weather men. All in all looking forward to chiling with my family and discovering an enjoyment in being a family, that has been missing at times this year.

Right signing off now, ta ra, Siobhan


June said...

Hiya Pidd, brilliant work and no wonder ya proud :) great piccy and love the handbag lol. I have never worked with beeswax and wouldnt know what to do with it lol but whatever you did it worked its magic. fab art my friend
Hugs June x

Dylan said...

Hey girlie, thats really cool. If your beeswax gets too thick , let it set then scrape some off and remelt. Things wont stick if theres too much wax. I,ll link you on my blog tomorra..xx

Pattie said...

WOW sure is arty farty lol,you reminded me I have some Beeswax haha,lovely card !.....x

flutterbycrafter said...

Beautiful work, love it, the colours are fantastic. You can send your boys over anytime. Loved G Force by the way, laughed and laughed at it, really funny for adults, over the head of most children I would imagine. Ann xx

June said...

Hiya Pidd, have a fab holiday my friend
The winged babe atc is yours. will sort out and send
hugs June x

Deborah said...

Fabaroonie my dear Pidd. Thought we'd lost you totally to promarkers (not that there's anything wrong with promarkers - ahem). Try not to buy up all of Blade Rubber - haha.

Jenni said...

Love it Siobhan and have to admit to using that article to come up with an idea for my kids workhop at work last week, will post what we did either on my blog or on Trimcraft to let you see:)
Love your last entry too, I love my Promarkers but still need to get many more colours, probably should get 2 - 3 individual ones a month till I've got all of em - what do you think?
Jenni x

Anonymous said...

Hiy Pidd, i still havent gotten around to posting the atc for you as busy with med tests but i am hanging on to it and know its yours so will send when i can
hope all is good with you
hugs June x

flutterbycrafter said...

Never received kids, must be because they're on hols with you. Have a lovely time. Hugs to you all xx